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    Learn to Earn Four Figures on Medium Masterclass

    • A message from David and Nicole
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    Included in this course

    • Chapter 1: What you don't know about your profile and how to make it work for you
    • Chapter 2: Answer questions so that your profile is doing the right work.
    • Chapter 3: Decide whether you want to be a celebrity or an expert
    • Chapter 4: What's working and what isn't?
    • Chapter 5: Curation and why you absolutely have to have it
    • Chapter 6: Structure and your plan for execution can maximize or minimize your time writing.
    • Chapter 7: The secrets of title and tone.
    • Chapter 8: Inspiration and overcoming the blank curser, plus how to make your words flow + tags
    • Chapter 9: Pictures are just as important as the title.
    • Chapter 10: Warming up the algorithm, and what to do when you go viral
    • Chapter 11: How to build a world-class publication
    • Chapter 12: Bonus material and systems that work

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David O. and Nicole Akers are each success stories on Medium. Their success is yours for the taking and to make all things possible for you on Medium.

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